( a Kalinjar Festival )

Katki Mela, a town in Bundelkhand area of ​​Uttar Pradesh, is situated in Kadarpur Durga in Kalinjar, a town situated in Banda district, for five days every year on the occasion of Kartik Purnima. Thousands of pilgrims gather in this crowd. According to the evidence, this fair was started at the time of Chandel ruler Parimardi Dev (1165-1202), which seems to be present till date. The mention of this Kalinjar festival is found in the shortest letter of Chitnatroop, the minister of the first minister and the playwright. Every year during his tenure, two plays of Vatsaraja were staged on the occasion of this festival. At the time of Madan Varman, there is also a mention of dance programs of a dancer named Padmavati found in the history of Kalinjar. His dance used to be the main attraction of the festival at that time. This tradition has been going on for a thousand years even today, in which millions of people of different districts come here and take bath in various lakes and earn a virtue after seeing Lakantheshwar Mahadev. Pilgrims also do shopping in the fair on the top and bottom of the fort. Apart from this, a number of pilgrims travel here for three days. In front of the enthusiasm of this crowd, the good climb of the fort appears to be even less. Here the fountain of the middle of the mountain in the middle of the cave, the Numatin section is known as Sargvah. There also crowds of devotees gather.