Folk-songs & Folk-dances

The seasonal folk-songs commonly sung in the villages are Hori or Phag during spring. Malhar and Kajri in the rainy season.Women have their own songs for special occasions such as sohar (sung on the occasion of the birth of a child ) or Mangla geet (gari) during marriage ceremony. Bhajan-Kirtan in a chorus accompanied with musical  is very much liked by inhabitants of the district. alha which is sung in the praise of Alha and Udal, the most popular heroes of this region, is also the most popular song of the district during rainy season.

  A number of open air performances, combining the rural style of folk music and dancing with some national theme are a regular feature of rural life in the district. Nautanki and dramas based on mythology are often staged and attract large gatherings, particularly in the villages.

  There are so many fairs/melas organized at the different places and Utsavs :


1.                   Bhuragarh fair (photograph shown)

2.                   Nawab Tank fair

3.                   Chilla fair

4.                   Bilgav fair

5.                   Kalinjar fair

6.                   Khatri Pahar fair

7.                   Tihramafi fair