Origin of Name of District

  The district is named after the headquarters town, Banda, which is said to have derived its name from  Bamdeo, a sage mentioned in Hindu mythology as a contemporary of lord Rama. Bamdeo is said to have had his hermitage at the foot of a hill Bambeshwar near Khutla in Banda.

  Location and Bounderies

The  district  is  located  in  the  Chitrakutdham  Division  of  Uttar  Pradesh with its headquarter at Banda and lies between Lat. 24º 53' and 25º 55' N and Long. 80º 07'  and 81º 34' E. It is bounded in the north by district of Fatehpur in the east by the district of Chitrakut in the west by the district of Hamirpur and Mahoba and in the south by Satna, Panna, and Chhatarapur the districts of adjoining Madhya Pradesh .

  There are mainly three rivers in the district namely Ken, Baghain and Yamuna.

  Distance covered by district from East to West is 75 Km. And North to South 50 to 60 Km. The district is linked with roadways to all the adjoiniong districts of Kanpur, Allahabad, Chitrakut, Fatehpur, Hamirpur, Mahoba and the adjoining districts of Madhya Pradesh. The distance between Lucknow (State Capital) to Banda by road is 219 km.


Tashils Name : (5) Blocks Name : (8) Thanas Name : (17)
Atarra Baberu Atarra
Baberu Badokhar Khurd Baberu
Banda Bisenda Badousa
Naraini Jaspura Bisenda
Pailani Kamasin Chilla
  Mahuva Fatehganj
  Naraini Girwa
  Tindwari Jaspura
    Kotwali City
    Kotwali Dehat