( Neelkanth Temple )

Nilakantha temple of the fort, where the established Shivlinga is consecrated in the natural way.

In the western part of the fort, an ancient temple of Goddess Nilkanth Mahadev of Goddess Kallinger is also established. This temple goes through two doors to go. On the way, many caves and rocks made of cutting rocks have been made. From the point of view of architecture, this pavilion is a unique work of Chandel rulers. On the entrance of the temple is a Shiva-lutti composed by Chandel dev, a chandel ruler, and a self-worshiping Shivling is established inside.

On the temple itself, there is a natural source of water, which is never dry. Anointing of Shivling from this source is continuously done in natural way. This area of ​​Bundelkhand is also known for its drought, but how much drought it is, this source never dries up. Lane Chandel Rajput, who also performs the work of Pandit in the worship ritual here since the time of Chandel rulers, points out that it is always soft to touch the area of ​​the throat of Lord Shiva, which is carved on Shivling. It is evidence in the support of a story stopping in Bhagwat Purana's Sagar Manthan, after drinking the halal poison and stopping in his throat. It is believed that sweating also keeps coming out of Shivling.

For the water bodies located at the upper part, the rocks have been cut and two kunds have been made which are called Swargahan Kunds. Under this, there is also a statue of Kaal-Bhairav, carved by the rocks at the bottom. Apart from these, hundreds of statues have been engraved on rocks in the premises. Statues of Bhagwati Parvati and Bhairav ​​are also established near Shivalinga. The statues of gods and goddesses are sculpted on both sides of the entrance. The ruins of the columns reciprocating with rectangular columns of several broken columns are also seen here. According to historians, a six-storey temple was built on them. Apart from this, there are many stone craft samples, which are in disrepair due to the decay.