Pension Scheme for Destitute Women

As per the survey-2018 conducted by the District office of Women Welfare Department following persons found eligible for Destitute Women Scheme.

S.No. Rural Download pdf File
1 Baberu (Rural) Download (PDF size 282 KB)
2 Badokhar (Rural) Download (PDF size 257 KB)
3 Bisanda-(Rural) Download  (PDF size 444 KB)
4 Jaspura-(Rural) Download (PDF size 252 KB)
5 Kamasin-(Rural) Download (PDF size 273 KB)
6 Mahuva-(Rural) Download (PDF size 280 KB)
7 Naraini-(Rural) Download (PDF size 298 KB)
8 Tindwari-(Rural) Download (PDF size 632 KB)