Banda is a major city and Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh, India. City is located on Banks of the Ken River in Bundelkhand region.City is named after Maharishi Vamdev. Banda is the Tapobhumi of Maharishi Vamdev. Connected to other major cities by road and rail. Banda city is District Headquarter of Banda district. There are many tourist places around Banda. Chitrakoot is about 65 km from here, Kalinjar is about 70 km, Khajuraho 140 km, Panna 130 km.Banda is famous for the ‘Gomed’ gemstones obtained from the Ken river bed and the Sejar stone (the Shajar stone is found in the Kaine River, which has natural landscapes), which are exported. Apart from various tourist destinations, there is also agricultural universities, state medical colleges, state Ayurvedic medical colleges, state engineering colleges. The major temples here are the seven-section temple of Maa Maheshwari Devi, Sankat Mochan Temple, Maa Kali Devi Temple, etc. are prominent, Vamdeveshwar Temple etc. The 18th century historical Kalinjar fort  is located near city.