Tourist Places

Maheshwari Devi Temple (Banda)
Maheshwari Devi Temple
Category Religious

Located in the Chowk of the city, this temple is one of the Goddess Shakti Peethas. Here, Maheshwari appeared as…

Navab Tank Banda
Category Natural / Scenic beauty

Banda’s Nawab tank is situated about 3 kms south of Banda City. This tank has been built by Nawab of…

Kalinjar Fort
Kalinjar Fort
Category Historic, Natural / Scenic beauty

Kalinjar Fort Situated on top of a hill, this fort contains a treasure house of many monuments and idols. These…

Bhuragarh fort Banda
Bhuragrah Fort
Category Historic

Across the river Ken there are ruins of Bhuragarh Fort, said to be built with brown stones by Raja Guman…

Bamdev Temple Banda
Bamdev Temple
Category Religious

The temple is said to derived its name from Bamdeo Rishi a sage mentioned in hindu mythology as a contemporary…