Bhuragrah Fort

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Across the river Ken there are ruins of Bhuragarh Fort, said to be built with brown stones by Raja Guman Singh in the 17th century. This place was important during the freedom struggle. A every year on the “Makar Sankranti” a Fair is organized at this place is known as ‘Natbali Ka Mela’.

Bhuragrah Fort is situated at the bank of the Ken river. Seeing the sunset from the fort is a beautiful experience. The historical importance of Bhuragarh Fort is related to Bundela reign and Hridaya Shah and Jagat Rai, sons of Maharaja Chattrasal. Kirat Singh, son of Jagat Rai, repaired Bhuragarh Fort in 1746 A.D. None Arjun Singh was the care taker of the fort.

In 1787 A.D., Nawab Ali Bahudur I started looking after the Banda domain. He fought a war against None Arjun Singh in 1792 A.D. Then it Taken over by the Nawab’s rule for some time but Rajaram Dauwa and Laxman Dauwa won it again from the Nawabs. After the death of None Arjun Singh, Nawab Ali Bahudar took the control of Bhuragarh Fort. The Nawab died in 1802 A.D. and Gaurihar Maharaj took the administration after him.

The Great Freedom Struggle against the British Empire started on 14 June 1857. It was led by Nawab Ali Bahadur II in Banda. This struggle was much fiercer than expected and revolutionaries from Allahbad, Kanpur and Bihar joined the Nawab in fighting the British. On 15 June 1857, revolutionaries killed Joint Magistrate Cockrail. On 16 April 1858, Whit luck arrived in Banda and fought against the revolutionary army of Banda. About 3000 revolutionaries were killed in the fort during this war. Nuts (one who performs acrobatic feats) from Sarbai sacrificed their lives in this war. Their graves are found inside the fort. Graves of many revolutionaries are found around the fort.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest Air Port Khajuraho is 150 Kilometer form Bhuragrah Fort.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station Banda is 3 Kilometer form Bhuragrah Fort

By Road

Nearest U.P Roadways BUS Station Banda is approximately 3 Kilometer form Bhuragrah Fort